The tents and umbrellas we manufacture may be freely expandable of modifiable with the use of the following accessories.

What we offer:


Ballast for tents and umbrellas

It is mounted to the tent leg or attachable to the umbrella arm to load them down. The weight of ballast is 15 kg; it is completely made of steel.


Comb-shaped frame mounting brackets

Comb-shaped frames are either attached to reinforcements or tent legs to enable one to hang racks on them. They are meant to be screwed-in to tent legs or undergo reinforcement in order to mount racks or clothes hanger on them.



The single and double reinforcement of the tent is mounted between the legs of the tent and as available in two types.


The connector for adjoined tents. It is used to connect the legs of two tents.


The gutter pipe connects tents and is mounted to their roofs by means of ‘Velcro’ fasteners. It serves the purpose of letting the rain run down in-between the tents.


Hex key

The key for screw fixing.

Our products are made of galvanised steel which makes their appearance aesthetically pleasing and protects them from corrosion. They match all the types of tents and umbrellas.