Commercial tables

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Put your products on display

Commercial tables provide great means for putting one’s products on display at every marketplace. The tables we produce are valued highly across whole Europe due to the meticulousness of their manufacture and the use of materials of highest quality during the manufacturing process.
Profil stołu

Table profile

The table legs are made of square cross-cut profiles having the dimensions of 20mm x 20 mm x 1. They are galvanised which makes them resistant to corrosion.


Table top

The table top is made of wooden planks covered with a coating of polypropylene as the fabric used.

We offer two types of tables:

Tables of a foldable type:

Tables based on framed structure:

Stol rozkladany

The foldable table

Stol kpl

Table: complete set

Stoł ramkowy

The framed-structure table

Framed-structure tables are characterised by high load resistance and offer the possibility to place one’s products on their lower shelves.

Thanks to the well-thought construction, the tables may be unfolded within a few dozen seconds.

Foldable tables

Framed-structure tables

Price list - foldable tables

Prace list - framed-structure tables

 Weight of the supporting structureWeight of the table top 100 cmWeight of the table top 120 cm 
Table 1,5m5.3kg5kg5.8kg
Table 2m5.8kg5kg5.8kg
Table 2,5m6.3kg7.5kg8.2kg
Table 3m6.9kg9.3kg10.3kg
 Weight of the supporting structureWaga blatu 100cmWeight of the table top 120 cm 
Table 1m7,4kg3,3kg4kg
Table 1,5m6.7kg5kg5.8kg
Table 2m9.8kg5kg5.8kg
Table 2,5m10.7kg7.5kg8.2kg
Table 3m12kg9.3kg10.3kg
SizeSetTable top 1 mTable top 2 mLegs 
SizePrice for the setPrice for the supporting structure   
3m 170150