Express-assembly tents

The tents of instant assembly are widely used in many industries:

  • Commerce
  • Catering
  • Construction works
  • Outdoor events
  • Among others

Each tent has its set complemented by:

A supporting structure, 3 side walls, a front awning, separate bags for the piece of tarpaulin, the supporting structure and awning.

The supporting structure

  • The supporting structure is made of galvanised steel or anodised aluminium.
  • The supporting structure is made of galvanised steel or anodised aluminium. It does not contain any plastic elements at its joints. The legs of the tent have a hexagonal cross-cut profile section, the slats are of oval profiles. The whole structure is assembled with the use of nylock nuts.
    The supporting structure has a scissor construction which ensures quick unfolding.
  • The height of the structure is adjusted with the use of self-locking system.

The tarpaulin

  • The tarpaulin of the tent is made of high-quality polyester fabric which was subject to double impregnation, due to which it is waterproof.


  • There is a possibility to place an overprint on the whole surface of the tarpaulin with any design and with the use of the sublimation method.

‘Velcro’ fasteners

  • The roof of the structure, as well as the side walls, are fastened by means of ‘Velcro’ fasteners which provides the opportunity to easily assemble and disassemble it.
The steel supporting structure:
Noga Metal

Metal leg

Ø 36 mm (metal)

Kredka metal

The filler: Metal

The leg filler (square filler) – Ø 33 mm (metal)

Metal-made Oval

The oval of the roof (cross-like structure) – 23 x 13 mm

The aluminium supporting structure:

Aluminium leg

40×40 mm (aluminium)

The filler: Aluminium

The leg filler (square filler) – 35 x 35 mm (aluminium)


Aluminium-made Oval

The oval of the roof (cross-like structure) – 23 x 13 mm

We also offer as an option:

  • Overprints applied on tent sheathings,
  • A few types of side walls,
  • The 4th side wall as closing the interior of the tent,
  • Windows inserted in side walls,
  • The possibility to edge a door within the side wall as closed with zippers,
  • Pieces of ballast, 15 kg each,
  • Joints to connect adjoined tents,
  • Gutter-pipes enabling the rain to run down in-between the tents,
  • Reinforcements mounted between tent legs, serving as racks to hang products on,
  • Comb-shaped frame props serving as support for racks and shelves, if mounted,

The table of dimensions

  The size when unfolded   The size when folded     
No.The size of a tentLength (cm)Width (cm)Maximum height (cm)The scope of adjustment in clearance (cm)Length (cm)Width (cm)Maximum height (cm)The weight of supporting structure (kg)The weight of tarpaulin (kg)The total weight (kg)


Available Colours