Promote your business

Do you need to place your brand on display during events, exhibitions or trade fairs?

Placing an advertisement on the stall or tent makes it stand out from the row of identical, standard facilities offered by event organizers, as arranged to stand one next to one another.
We place overprints on any product we manufacture.
There is innovative sublimation print which we perform with the use of proven ink which guarantees high colour saturation. The overprinted material has no stains or streaks left on it.

Write to us

If you want us to perform overprints for you, send us a message at: nadruki@gralech.com
The message should contain the information on: what product we should overprint for you, what it should look like and where the overprint should be placed.
In return, you will receive free visualisation of the product with the estimated price.

Sample visualisations

We have prepared overprints for many companies.

If you consider the visualisation to be made according to your expectations, it suffices to accept it electronically to make the order approved for processing.

The price depends upon the area of overprint placed on material.