Pipe-frame supported tents

Commercial pipe-frame supported tents are the lowest-priced, as well as the most solid solutions for commerce and gastronomy.

Pipe of the phi diameter of 25 mm

The supporting structure is made of pipes Ø 25 mm, it is totally zinc-plated which ensures its high resistance to corrosion.


The pipes are equipped with latches which prevent their metal elements from disconnection.


Every tent is equipped with an awning by standard.


Our tents are available in many different lengths and widths. The tarpaulin is made of double impregnated polyester fabric. It is fastened to the other side walls and each side wall may be easily unzipped.

The front wall

It is possible to have the front wall edged to the structure on request.


The lower part of each side wall has metal rubber-resting hooks fastened to it. They serve the purpose of attaching the side walls to the supporting structure, simultaneously tightening them.

The front wall

It is possible to insert windows in the front wall, as well as to purchase it separately.

Technical data

No.SizeWeight of the supporting structureWeight of tarpaulinTotal weigh of complete set
12x215 kg5.5 kg20.5 kg
22x321 kg6 kg27 kg
32,5x216 kg6 kg22 kg
42.5x2,518 kg6 kg24 kg
53x217 kg6 kg23 kg
63x324 kg7 kg31 kg
73x2.519 kg6.5 kg25.5 kg
82,5x323 kg6.5 kg29.5 kg
93x427 kg7.5 kg34.5 kg
104x222 kg7 kg29 kg
114x330 kg7.5 kg37.5 kg