Galvanisation and tent rental.


The metal parts of products we offer are subject to the process of galvanisation, one of the electrolytic methods of creating layers on different materials. It relies on the creation of permanently and closely adjacent metal coatings. The galvanisation we create is related to applying metal on the surface of another piece of metal. The layers of coatings created should be thin, yet sufficiently thick to achieve the desired effect or – alternatively – thick enough to perform an additional function of serving as protective material.

The use of galvanisation may be subject to different purposes. It may be related to the decorative function of an object or its anti-corrosion properties. The process of galvanisation is associated with the process of cleaning the metal surface which implies the change of its structure. Due to the fact that we apply additional layers on our products, they are characterised by high chemical resistance and brought to a high-gloss.

The galvanised coatings are also created to achieve decorative purposes. Their great protective properties, as combined with the low cost of the process, make it an unrivalled form of protecting materials.

Galvanisation also makes products offered more adhesive to the surface and being put into use for a longer time than products protected by different means, e.g. powder coatings.

Appropriately matched layers may also improve the mechanical and technological properties of metals, e.g. their thermal or electrical conductivity.

We perform the service of galvanisation to many different products. Our baths have the length of 3 metres which makes us able to apply the coating on many varied elements.


Tent rental

Gra-Lech company also offers tent-rental to its customers.
The tents rented may be used as:

  • Commercial space,
  • Party venues,
  • Refreshment stands,
  • Storage chambers,
  • Service points,
  • Space used for special purposes or events.

Call us, reserve the date, receive your tent and enjoy the quality of the tents we manufactured without any expense incurred with regards to purchasing a whole tent!