Stalls / Tent changing rooms

Especially for you and your trade activity

Gra-Lech company also produces portable changing rooms. Due to their well-thought construction, they are very easy to assemble and disassemble. The supporting structure is made of completely galvanised pipes of the phi diameter of 25 mm. The side walls may be attached to the structure by means of ‘Velcro’ fasteners. They are perfect for those entrepreneurs who deal with the trade of textile and clothing. The tarpaulin is sewn from double impregnated fabric of the weight of 230 g/sq m. The changing rooms are manufactured in four sizes, each of them having separate walls for every side.



 Changing room 1x1Changing room 1,5 x 1,5Changing room 2x1Changing room 3x1
Size100cm x 100cm150 cm x 150 cm200 cm x 100 cm300cm x 100 cm
Height180 cm180 cm180 cm180 cm
Weight10 kg15 kg20kg30 kg
Transport dimensions100x25x10100x25x10100x30x20100x30x20