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Check our winter discounts on tarpaulins!

New tarpaulins:

Used tarpaulins and roofs

New Roofs

The complete set includes – a roof, 3 side walls and an awning.

1Tarpaulin for an express tent2,5x2,5(4 side walls) Black
2Tarpaulin for an express tent2,5x5 (4 side walls) Ecru
3Tarpaulin for an express tent2,7x5,4Ecru ( higher 20 cm - may be shortened)
4Tarpaulin for an express tent2x1Dark green
5Tarpaulin for an express tent2x2Green
6Tarpaulin for an express tent2x2Blue roof, with white-blue walls
7Tarpaulin for an express tent2x2 Red
8Tarpaulin for an express tent2x2 Yellow
9Tarpaulin for an express tent3x2 (4 side walls) Ecru
10Tarpaulin for an express tent3x2 Orange
11Tarpaulin for an express tent3x3 Beige with red piping
12Tarpaulin for an express tent3x3 Claret
13Tarpaulin for an express tent3x3 Green-Yellow (4 side walls with windows)
14Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5(4 side walls, 2 windows) Ecru
15Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5
16Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5White and Yellow
17Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5Dark Green
18Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5Blue
19Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5Blue
20Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5Black
21Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5Green (wall with grid)
22Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5 Yellow with two windows
23Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5 Grey
24Tarpaulin for an express tent3x6 White (4 wall) on the 6 wall there are 2 windows and on 6m wall door
25Tarpaulin for an express tent3x6 Dark Green
26Tarpaulin for an express tent4x2Red
27Tarpaulin for an express tent4x4 White and Red
28Tarpaulin for an express tent4x6 Beige ( 2 walls with window) + additional 4 walls 2m with window
29Tarpaulin for an express tent5x5 Green

1Roof for an express tent2,5x2,5 Dark Green, used and fixed
2Roof for an express tent2,5x2,5 Colorful, dyed
3Roof for an express tent3x2Green, used
4Roof for an express tent3x3White with Velcro on the banner
5Roof for an express tent3x3White with Velcro on the banner
6Roof for an express tent3x3White, fixed
7Roof for an express tent3x3Orange, old type of printed "Pasieka"
8Roof for an express tent3x3
Gray with Velcro for the banner of 4 pages, slightly used
9Roof for an express tent3x3Gray with Velcro for the banner of 4 pages, slightly used
10Tarpaulin for Lech4x3White and Blue
11Tarpaulin for Lech4x3Purple
12Tarpaulin for an express tent2,7x2,7 Ecru
13Tarpaulin for an express tent3x4,5 Ecru, in walls windows, dyed red
1Roof for a tent2,5x2,5Ecru
2Roof for a tent2,5x3,75Red
3Roof for a tent2,5x5Claret
4Roof for a tent2,5x5Claret
5Roof2,7x8,10White and Blue
6Roof for a tent2x2Dark Green
7Roof3,3x2,2 White and Blue
8Roof for a tent3x3Colorful ( yellow, green, blue, red)
9Roof for a tent3x3Red
10Roof for a tent3x3A dark green with Velcro to the right
11Roof for a tent3x4,5The black roof with orange strip
12Roof for a tent3x4,5The black roof with orange strip
13Roof for a tent3x4,5Beige
14Roof for a tent3x4,5Red
15Roof for a tent3x4,5Black
16Roof for a tent3x4,5 Dark Green
17Roof for a tent3x6 Smurf colour, with Velcro for the banner

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It is possible to receive our products in person or via DPD delivery services.

It is possible to purchase a complete tent.

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