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Gra-Lech Manufacturer oftents - Welcome

We manufacture quick-assembly tents, commercial tents, tables, and umbrellas. The products presented by the Gra-Lech Company have been present on the domestic and international markets since 1994. They are used for vending and catering purposes, as well as for recreation in the quiet of the back garden. In daily use, they prove to be highly functional and reliable. To find out more about our products, feel welcome to visit our website or, personally, our Company. We are open to cooperation with customers - we offer a wide range of tent accessories. We sew in film windows, zip doors, or sidewall pockets. Also, in our tents we apply a variety of reinforcements that can be used to hang clothing or other goods. We apply colourful logos or symbols on tent walls. High quality, low prices, free delivery, servicing service - all that for our customers

Commercial tents

are available in various sizes and a wide range of colours. Their structure is made from steel tube of 20 or 25 mm in diameter. As a standard, the tent after assembly is 180 cm in height, but it is possible to customise both its height and the base dimension.



Garden Tents

Pavilion frames are made from galvanised steel pipes of 25 mm in diameter. Roofs and side walls come in a variety of colours. Our products are manufactured without any plastic components. The pavilion side wall height is 2 m. Pavilions may come with or without windows in the side walls..



Commercial umbrellas and garden

Tables and umbrellas. The umbrella structure is manufactured from galvanised steel with no plastic components. We offer square, quadrangle, or octagon-shaped domes The octagonal umbrella reaches the diameter of 3,2 m and the height of 2,5 m. Triangular base. The quadrangular umbrella has a 3x2, 3x2,5 or 3x3 m dome and the height of 2,5 m. Triangular base.



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Commercial tents
Quick assembly tents
Commercial Tables
Commercial umbrellas and garden
Garden Tents
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