Advertising/stall and patio umbrellas

Choose a suitable umbrella.

Protection from weather conditions

An umbrella may be a great way to protect oneself from the sun and rain. They are also perfect for advertising purposes. We may place any overprint on the whole surface of their coating.

The variety of use

Our umbrellas are very durable and solid, therefore they may be used not only in commerce, but also in restaurants and gardens. They look impressive regardless of the place.

Quick assembly

The assembly and disassembly of umbrellas are very easy, not taking more than 60 seconds with one person engaged. Our manual will help you do it.

Variety of solutions

We easily adapt to the needs of our customers. We may lengthen the legs of our umbrellas on request, so that they are more suitable for their surroundings and conditions.

Our umbrellas are characterised by good quality

View what they are composed of.
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Stelaż Aluminium

A supporting frame of anodised aluminium

Stelaż Metal

A supporting frame of galvanised steel

Rura 19


The diameter of the umbrella leg – 36 mm
The diameter of umbrella arm: 19 mm



Material made of double impregnated fabric of the weight of 230 g/sq m

Stojak Beton

Concrete base

Stojak Premium

Premium base

Stojak Standard

Standard base

Parasol ścianka

Side walls of the umbrella

It is possible to have side walls attached on request.



It is possible to purchase it.

8 kątna parasolka

An octagonal umbrella


The structure of an octagonal umbrella

Konstrukcja 2

Another structure of an octagonal umbrella



Our umbrellas are resistant

The total weight of an umbrella and its base amounts to 78 kg, so it is very difficult to have it toppled by wind. The diameter of the umbrella leg – 50 mm.


The weight of bases

 SizeThe length of legThe diameter of legThe weight of supporting structureThe weight of supporting structure with the coating
12x2220 cm36 mm10 kg12 kg
23x2220 cm36 mm 11 kg13,5 kg
33x2.5220 cm36 mm11,5 kg14,5 kg
43x3220 cm36 mm12 kg15.3 kg
53x4260 cm36 mm19 kg24 kg
63.5x2.5240 cm36 mm12.4 kg15.6 kg
73x2 Alu220 cm36 mm7.2 kg9.5 kg
83x2.5 alu220 cm36 mm8 kg13.7 kg
93x3 alu240 cm36 mm9 kg14 kg
103x4 alu260 cm36 mm9.75 kg16.5 kg
118kat mały220 cm36 mm11.5 kg13.8 kg
128kat duzy250 cm50 mm18 kg22.6 kg
1Standard base9.6 kg
2Premium base19 kg
3Concrete base55 kg
4Base of Premium Category......